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tatterdemalions's Journal

Frippery and Rags
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alice in wonderland, alternative fashion, antiques, aprons, art, ballet, bat wings, bats, beads, beatrix potter, black lights, bloomers, bows, bubbles, bunnies, butterflies, butterfly wings, calico, carnival, cat ears, cats, cemetaries, charms, checkerboards, cloth dolls, clothes, club kids, clubbing, cobwebs, corsetry, corsets, cosplay, costumes, costuming, creativity, crinolines, croquet, crowns, cyber, cybergoth, daydreams, deathrock, deconstruction, designer fashion, dollies, dolls, dressing up, eccentricity, ega, egg art, eggs, egl, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, embellishment, embroidery, enchantment, eyelet lace, faeries, fairy tales, fairy wings, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, frippery, frivolity, fruits, gingham, glam, glamour, glitter, glittergoth, gloves, glow in the dark, goth, gothic lolita, gypsies, halloween, hats, haute couture, homespun, japanese street fashion, kimonos, kinderwhore, kitties, lace, leg warmers, magic, make-believe, makeup, masquerades, moths, new romantic, new wave, nursery rhymes, ouija, patchwork, period clothing, petticoats, pirates, playing dress-up, plushies, polka dots, pvc, rabbit ears, rabbits, ragamuffins, ragdolls, rags, reconstruction, ren faires, renaissance faires, rhinestones, ribbons, ruffles, safety pins, scraps, self expression, sequins, sewing, shiny things, shopping, skirts, spiders, spiderwebs, steampunk, streetstyle, stripes, stuffed animals, stuffies, style, tarot, tatterdemalions, tea parties, the 80's, the wizard of oz, tiaras, tulle, uv reactive, vanity, veils, velvet, victoriana, vintage clothing, vintage toys, vinyl, visual kei, wearable art, wings